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University of California, San Diego

Public Research University

The technical resources of a renowned academic institution complement the needs of Aspera. Aspera would rely on UCSD for assistance in preclinical development and potentially for licensing additional assets.

Axiom Space

Commercial Space Flight

Axiom exists to make life and work in space a reality, catalyzing new advances for life on Earth and enabling exploration of deep space. Axiom Space aims to ensure the continuity and expansion of research on-orbit while making access faster, simpler and much less expensive by increasing use of terrestrial standards, interfaces and commercial off-the-shelf hardware.


Space Tango

Labs in Space

Space Tango builds research and manufacturing systems into compact smart containers, called CubeLabs™. Installed in our hubs on the International Space Station, CubeLabs run autonomously and provide near real-time data and monitoring capabilities.

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